21 Days of Fear: An Exploration Of The Role Of Fear In Our Work

After helping many people with making video I can conclude fear is a big thing in relation to video. Whether it be entrepeneurs, lawyers, coaches, trainers, or marketeers. Many people are dealing with camera fear.

Fear is one of the most heard and unheard arguments why people don’t start with video, postpone it, or don’t even want to think about it.

And I understand.

Because I have a similar fear with writing for my business and about myself. To me writing probably feels the same as ‘being on camera’ to you, or to those people I just mentioned above.

I postpone the writing like no other.

I have read books about copywriting, storytelling, storytelling for marketeers, storyselling, you name it.

If it’s about writing I read it.
But I don’t really do it.

I did try it and my harddrive is filled with unfinished drafts.
But I hardly press publish.

Because I’m scared.

I know, it’s irrational.
But I’m afraid.

I’m afraid of what you think of me.
Even now while writing this piece I think of how people will respond to it.

It’s that tiny little voice in your head, or the chatter, constantly ready to talk you down. Seth Godin calls it ’the Resistance’ in his book “The Linchpin”.

Funnily, being on camera for me is less fearfull than writing about myself. Camera’s look to you from the outside. You determine what your mouth ‘reveals’ and what not.  You may have less control over your facial expression, but still people don’t know precisely what you’re thinking. 

That feels to me like I’m in control.

However, writing for myself is to me like opening up my head.
Showing people what lives inside.
And that’s scary. 

Because that’s where “the Resistance” is fully present.
And although it might sound strange for a video marketing specialist,  I do write a lot. But that is writing for others.

The writing of a script. Or critiquing one. (I admit, I looked this word up.)
Elaborating on somebody elses idea, something I did many times, goes quite easy.
As long as it is not about oneself.

The other writing I do often is mostly for machines.

The coding of an application.
The writing you don’t see.

The safe thing here is that machines don’t care about you.
They don’t think something of you.
But it’s boring too.

They don’t talk back and they don’t feel anything when they read my stuff.
They just do.

The satisfaction I get from that kind of writing is the thrill to make something work. To create something out of nothing.
To perform a thousand stupid tasks which would drive a human insane.
Just by using words.

Anyway, I’m losing myself a bit here..

My point is: I need to write more from the heart and overcome my fear for writing. Because it is mostly irrational. It's the same as with camera-fear. And although it is irrational you still have to deal with it, to overcome it.

So I’m beginning a writing series called "21 Days of Fear: An Exploration of the Role of Fear in Our Work". Over the next four weeks I’ll send an email every weekday in which I will investigate the aspects of fear in my life and I will reveal you some of my struggles on that theme.

Feel free to read it, recognize it, respond to it and do whatever you feel to it.
I do have some stories in mind I will write about, but mostly I don’t know what will happen during my writing. That’s part of the journey.
Discovering language and patterns in myself I did not know which were there.

Hopefully I will inspire you this way to overcome your own fears and step into the world of video marketing. It all starts with a first step.

I invite you to join me on this journey inwards. Leave your details below to join the 21 Days of Fear: An Exploration Of The Role Of Fear In Our Work series.

Always be your best self,
William van Rossum

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