About William van Rossum

My background is a mixture of ICT, Media and Commerce

My focus is on the marketing side of video. First comes the result, your presentation and the integration of video into your website. Second comes a nice shot or a beautiful image. An artistic approach is important, but a video must show a positive ROI first.

I notice many entrepreneurs are still hesitating about using video in their marketing.

While video is a great medium to present your message with. With video you can teach your customer about your solution and to engage on a deeper level. That is why I have decided to help expert entrepeneurs, trainers, coaches, consultants, authors. I help them package their knowledge with video and I provide them with the tools, technology and training needed to use video to sell their products and gain fast results.

william van rossum

William van Rossum

My Background

My career did not follow a straight line. After I got my master's degree in Business Economics I started working in ICT as  Database Consultant with companies like AbnAmro, Albert Heijn, Lufthansa, Friesland Campina and Centraal Boekhuis. Later I worked as account manager in ICT-staffing. However, I always had the feeling I did not fit in the corporate ICT world.

"When I turned 34 I decided to follow my heart and I chose for a media education"

I started a training in audio engineering. I could attended an internship at dutch music producer Tjeerd Oosterhuis and after I finished my study I became a teacher on the same media college.

After a few experiments producing and selling online ringtones  I discovered video production.  Besides producing videos I started programming again. This time the programming was all about the online video player used on websites.

Being interested in human psychology, the question how people consume a video obsessed me. I developed a method to track viewing behavior. Today this method has grown into a video marketing platform. When you host a salesvideo on this platform you can learn exactly who has watched you offer and who hasn't (yet).

"As soon as someone has watched a video an automatic follow-up can be triggered based on how this person watches to the video"

Right now we have finished the  alfa-test and we are finalizing this Ultimate Video Sales Machine. We're expecting to launch in 2017 with a private beta test.

Are you interested to learn more? Please enter your details in the waiting list on ​www.videotrails.com.

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